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A Little
About Me

Contemporary Jewellery Designer and Maker


My name is Kamila and I'm the owner and maker at Tadah Jewellery. Since graduating I have worked as a freelance jeweller and in 2015 whilst pregnant with my daughter, I made the decision to start my own business. I had never wanted anything more than to turn my hobby into a business and to be in control of my own time. Then my son arrived in 2018 and it spurred me on to expand my collection. I'm inspired by minimalist shapes and lines and since becoming a mum I love to create sustainable, light, wearable jewellery which can withstand the daily wears and tears of the kids. I love receiving commissions so get in touch if you have any ideas you’d like to turn into a reality.

Thanks for visiting my page.


Sustainability is at the forefront of everything I create, from the precious metals I use to hand make each piece of jewellery, right down to the packaging and postal boxes, it's all recycled!

Why is this important to me and my brand? 

I grew up in a household where nothing went to waste. Money was tight so food on our plate had to be finished and everything got recycled and reused. We live in a throw away culture which is slowly changing and I want to be a part of this change.

If you have fallen out of love with your jewellery or fancy something different, you can always get in touch to discuss melting down your current pieces and turning them into something new. Please do check out my current handmade collection which is all made here in the UK on the Sussex coast. 

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