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Here is a selection of some previous commissions I have worked on. If anything from this page interests or inspires you, you can send me a message via my contact me page. 


Gold Keepsake Necklace

A heartfelt necklace made from the recipients Nans ashes which have been embedded in resin and encased in 9ct gold. 

Scottish Pudding Charms

Some very sweet little 'pudding charms'  traditionally given in Scotland as wedding gifts. They represent the couples interests.  These all measure about 15mm and are made from solid sterling silver. 


Keepsake Ring

A ring made from human ashes which have been embedded into resin to form a stone and set in 9ct yellow gold. 

'Pebbles' the Pendant

An illustration thought up by a university student and bought to life in solid sterling silver, ready to be worn as a pendant. 

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